ITB understands the importance of aligning with industry bodies as well upskilling and unlocking the potential of its employees.


ITB has aligned themselves with specific industry bodies to guide and understand industry-wide strategic initiatives, standards and regulations.

ITB actively participates and is registered to a number of industry bodies that control and promote the plastic industry:

Printing Industries Federation of South Africa (PIFSA).

Through PIFSA, we have associations with The Statutory Council of the Printing, Newspapers and Packaging Industry.

Through the Plastics Converters Association (PCA), we have an association with Plastics South Africa.

Polyco Environmental Company (industry initiative to responsibly control plastic waste and impact on the environment).

ITB is a member of Plastics South Africa, the National Recycling Forum and a firm supporter of the “reduce, reuse, recycle” principle.


Training is instrumental in unlocking the potential of our employees.

ITB is affiliated to the Manufacturing, Engineering and Related Services Seta (MERSETA) and the current active skills priorities include:

  • Trade learnerships
  • Flexographic learnerships
  • Quality Assurance – City & Guilds Quality Control
  • ABET level 1,2 and 3 classes
  • HIV/AIDS awareness programme

Other skills priorities include:

  • Supervisory skills training
  • Business processes, systems & IT skills competency enhancements
  • Technical skills training
  • Quality training
  • Safety, first aid and firefighting skills training